Four Signs You Have an Infestation Brewing

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Pests can be pretty discreet – until they aren’t. Unfortunately, by the time you notice their presence, things are already out of control. The key to pest control is recognizing that a problem is lurking before it becomes a bigger issue. From the best pest control company in Kiawah Island, here are signs that can signal that you might be headed for an infestation.


One of the biggest signs that you might unwittingly be sharing space with more than just your family are droppings. All things have droppings, be they insects or rodents; you just need to know what to look for. Rodents and insects will leave behind waste in the places where they nest and hide. It’s a good idea to inspect basements, crawlspaces, and attics, but sometimes it can be in plain sight; you just have to know what you are looking at. Regular inspections are the best way to ensure that you aren’t missing something!

Holes Where They Shouldn’t Be

If you notice a tiny hole to nowhere or even leading to somewhere that wasn’t there before, that means that it’s likely something has been digging. Although no one wants to really investigate, it is important not to just think that it is a flaw in your drywall or to dismiss when something is amiss. Otherwise, you risk not having to investigate as it will be right in your face and throughout your home.

Chew Marks

If you grab a box from the pantry and the edges look like they have been worked away or they are ripped or chewed open, that is a sign that you have had dinner guests without even knowing it. Your pantry and food supply are a beacon for all unwelcome visitors, so if you notice signs that something has been feasting, you have to throw out what you see is damaged, and call a professional service for an inspection.

Makeshift Nests

If you notice something that looks like a hairball or an unusual accumulation of everyday things, then that is not your kids being messy. If you spot something that looks like it was put together on purpose, it probably was; it’s time to do some further investigating to find out where the critter is hiding when they aren’t nesting.

As we head into fall and winter, many insects and pests will be making their way indoors. If you notice signs that something is amiss, then it is never a good idea to ignore it. The best way to handle a pest infestation is to notice signs before it can become an infestation. Look for these telltale signs that you have unwelcome visitors, or contact us so that we can use our expertise to make sure we don’t see anything lurking. Schedule your pest control appointment with us today!

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