Quality Does Matter – Look for These Five Characteristics in Your Pest Control Company

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Insects and rodents are both necessary and healthy in our ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean that we want to live alongside them. Pest control is especially important in the South, where the humid and warm weather conditions are a haven for infestations and the destruction that can come from termites. The quality of the pest control company you are hiring does matter! If you want to make sure to keep your dwelling and all those who live in it safe, look for these five qualities for your pest control company in Charleston before you choose!


When it comes to pest control, you learn a lot of things in the industry through “hands-on” training. An experienced pest control company will know not just the signs to look for that indicate you have a problem; they will have the expertise to understand what works and what doesn’t. With pest control, you don’t want to hire a company that is still in the trial and error phase!

Chemicals Used

Over the past several decades, more effective and more targeted chemicals have hit the industry. They are not only more effective; they are much safer for both humans and the environment. You want to eliminate bugs, but you also want to limit you and your family’s exposure to harmful substances. Find a company that believes that chemicals are the last resort, not the first line of defense. An excellent pest control company will always defer to natural means when possible, and then only use safe chemicals when they have to.

Knowledge and Training

Pest control isn’t something that you just get into without any knowledge, training, or education. You have to know about insects, when they are most active, where they are most likely to find a haven, and how to treat them effectively. There are a lot of moving parts to pest control. Make sure you hire a company that believes in staying current on industry trends and has the background knowledge to get the job done!

Prevention Versus Tertiary Treatment

A good pest control company focuses on prevention versus tertiary treatment. The key is to stop an insect or rodent infestation before it happens, not to try to get it under control. Things like termites and rodents can do a lot of damage to your house’s structure, which is why it is always best to stop them before they can take hold versus cleaning up the damage afterward. Prevention is the key, and so is hiring someone who believes in that philosophy.

Comprehensive Service

Since prevention is key, you want to find a company that does it all – from insects to rodents to problematic bed bugs. If you hire a company that takes care of all of your pest control problems, you are likelier to not have issues in the future. Find a pest control company in Charleston that offers packages to suit your needs so that your home is covered from the bedroom to the kitchen and everywhere else in between.

Pest control is a must in Charleston. The high humidity and moist conditions make insects and rodents abundant in our area. The key to pest control is finding a company that believes in prevention, offers comprehensive services, and has the knowledge, training, and experience to get the job done right from the start. At Precision Pest & Home Services, we do it all with perfection and persistence to ensure that your home and family are safe from the hazards that a pest control problem can cause. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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